CSH Commends Historic Funding for Homelessness in
California 2021-22 State Budget

For Immediate Release, June 30, 2021

Los Angles, CA | The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) applauds the California State Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom for agreeing to substantial investments in the 2021-22 state budget to tackle the homeless crisis that impacts communities across California.

The agreement reached Friday builds on recent one-time spending to make the largest-ever investment over two years - $1 billion per year to local governments, in addition to Homekey funding of $2.75 billion - along with an ongoing commitment to funding local governments to address the state's homeless crisis.

State Assemblywoman Luz Rivas introduced AB71 last year, which called for $2.4 billion in annual funding to scale up bold solutions to homelessness, and joint authors Assemblymembers Chiu, Carillo, Bloom, Wicks, and Kalra, have been tireless advocates for ongoing funding. CSH is the leading advocacy organization on ending homelessness in the state and a steering committee member of the Bring CA Home Coalition that worked closely with Asm. Rivas on advancing the legislation.

"With this year's agreed-upon state budget, Governor Newsom and the state legislature are taking bold actions to fund transformative approaches that will house more people long-term while preserving individual choice and dignity. Our work has demonstrated that evidence-based solutions to homelessness like this budget would fund can utilize public resources more effectively,” said Deborah De Santis, President and CEO at CSH.

“We especially appreciate the leadership and vision of Asm. Rivas and her staff. Asm. Rivas’ relentless dedication helped secure a legislative commitment for ongoing investment in solutions to homelessness. We are hopeful her consistent calls will result in using the funding for evidence-based and best practice models promoted in AB 71,” said Sharon Rapport, Director, California State Policy at CSH.

Earlier this month, AB71 was made a two-year bill, but CSH, the Coalition, Asm. Rivas, and many others continued to advocate for many bill provisions to be included in the 2021-22 budget, including funding for local governments. CSH continues to call on our partners to weigh in with the Legislature and the Administration to ensure the consensus proposal of AB71 provides a framework for local government funding.

During a March Advocacy Day, CSH SpeakUp! advocates, individuals who had formerly experienced long-term homelessness, along with over 75 non-profit leaders, called upon state policymakers and leaders to commit to funding bold approaches to homelessness.

The agreement on Friday establishes California as a leader in making public investments in necessary solutions to homelessness. The multi-year commitment made by the state is a first.

The investment includes:

• Local multi-year support for local governments includes $1 billion to address homelessness for both 2021-22 and 2022-23, with additional years upon appropriation.
• $2.75 billion in Homekey funding over two years for capital funding to local governments.
• More than $2 billion over two years for various homeless programs operated out of the Department of Social Services.

CSH will continue to work with the Bring California Home Coalition, Asm. Rivas, community leaders, and elected officials to advocate for public resources for proven, long-term solutions to homelessness.


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