Bring California Home Campaign Calls on Sacramento Leadership to Prioritize Fighting Homelessness in 2021 Legislative Session

CSH believes that everyone should have a safe and affordable place to call home, with the quality services and support they need to thrive. That was true before COVID-19, and it’s even more true now as thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors have been left without access to the resources they need to stay safe from the virus. 

Everyone should have a safe place to lay their head at night. 

That’s why we’re so proud to partner with Bring CA Home — a new initiative to ensure we have the resources to combat homelessness at scale and ensure no family is left without a place to call home during a time of crisis. 

Over the last few years, California has invested billions of dollars to address our homelessness in our communities. While these one-time funding allocations have delivered real results, we need a sustainable, reliable strategy designed to deliver results over the long-term.

Our plan calls for California to invest $2.4 billion annually, which, combined with federal and local resources, would reverse the cycle of homelessness for our state. 

This annual $2.4 billion policy proposal could fund:

  • Prevention: help 28,000 people and families on the brink of homelessness by creating new affordable apartments and providing low-cost interventions like rental assistance and other cash payments that allow people to stay in their homes;
  • Interim housing: help close to 25,000 individuals and families access a safe place to shelter while they find permanent housing, including innovative programs like leasing motel rooms similar to Project Roomkey, hotel vouchers, or navigation centers with case managers;  
  • Permanent housing: allow at least 43,000 people to move into permanent housing through rental housing and capital development, and for at least 22,000 households to connect to family and friends to exit homelessness; and
  • Services: provide housing navigation, case management and employment support to about 50,000 people so they can thrive in long-term housing.

This moment calls for bold action if we're serious about supporting those experiencing homelessness or on the brink of losing their home. Bring CA Home is spearheading the transformational approach we need to ensure housing stability for everyone who calls California home.

Find out more on their website on how you can help: bringcahome.org

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