Health System Investments in Housing: A Development Guide

Our new guidebook Health System Investments in Housing: A Development Guide, written for hospital executives and health system leaders, explores why and how health systems and hospitals can and should invest in supportive and affordable housing.

It has been well established that housing is one of if not the most important Social Determinant of Health. This guide will help healthcare leaders to understand the housing landscape, particularly supportive housing for medically vulnerable populations, and how their institutions can engage in this important work.

Part two of the guide is an introduction to Housing Finance and Development for health partners motivated to learn more about the steps needed to put you in the position to take concrete action to invest in or develop housing.

The guide also offers snapshots of communities leading the way in innovative health care partnerships with local government and community in:

  • New Jersey: New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency’s Hospital Subsidy Partnership Program
  • Chicago and Cook County, IL: Cook County Center for Housing and Health Flexible Housing Pool (FHP)
  • Portland, Oregon: Central City Concern
  • Los Angeles, CA: Housing For Health – Flexible Subsidy Housing Pool (FSHP)

Please read and share, particularly with healthcare professionals such as population health teams, community health programs, community benefits leaders, fiscal officers, and innovation leaders.

CSH was able to develop this guidebook thanks to the generous support of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

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