Assessing New Jersey’s Need for Supportive Housing for an Aging Population

The number of older adults in New Jersey is steadily growing, yet the demand for affordable, accessible housing and services far outpaces the supply. Our new report, Assessing New Jersey’s Need for Supportive Housing for an Aging Population, examines how many additional units of supportive housing the state currently needs to meet the demand. It also highlights the demographics of those in need of supportive housing, and the specific needs of each population.

With generous funding from the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation, CSH will be working with community partners over the next year in developing concrete steps to address this need. Our next steps will focus on:

  1. Expanding Service Dollars
  2. Maintaining Capital Funding
  3. Maximizing COVID Resources
  4. Addressing NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard)
  5. Expanding Eligibility
  6. Strengthening the Workforce

Please reach out to Cassondra Warney if you’d like to get involved! 

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