Diabetes Management for Vulnerable Populations & People Experiencing Homelessness

Applications Open for Learning Collaboratives on Outreach & Engagement and Nutrition for Health Center Staff,
Service Providers and Case Managers 

Special and vulnerable populations, including people experiencing homelessness and housing instability, are disproportionately affected by diabetic complications due to a variety of environmental factors. According to the CDC, 9.6% percent of Americans have diabetes, and of those, 15.6% have uncontrolled diabetes. Prognoses and outcomes for health center patients with diabetes are much worse than the general population, with 13% of all health center patients diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes, and about 35% of these patients have uncontrolled diabetes.

Beginning in March 2020, the CSH and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council will host two Learning Collaboratives to bring together a cohort of clinical (health center staff, clinicians) and non-clinical (housing service providers, case management) staff to learn about effective population-specific approaches, nutrition education, and document the efforts and effectiveness of community partnerships.

Each Learning Collaborative will be comprised of four, 90-minute webinars in March and April. Specific dates and times are included in each application. Click on the links below to apply.

The Deadline to Apply is February 14, 2020

Click here to Apply for Addressing Nutrition for Diabetes Management in Homeless and Vulnerable Populations
Click here to Apply for Improving Outreach and Engagement of Patients with Diabetes Experiencing Homelessness

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