CSH SpeakUp! Advocates: Helping to Paint the Picture for LA

A new mural in Los Angeles just off of the 10 Freeway at Arlington Avenue, is beautifully spreading the word about supportive housing.

The mural was created by the local group 72U with help from some CSH SpeakUp! Advocates. Reading her poetry at the unveiling of the mural and featured in several news clips about it is Suzette Shaw, CSH SpeakUp! Advocate.

Like the stories shared by our SpeakUp! Advocates, the mural uses art to create a personal connection between the community at large and those thriving in supportive housing. It's part of the "Dear Neighbor" campaign that champions supportive housing by visually following the journey of a local mother who fell into homelessness.

As the mural itself proclaims, 90% of those who go into supportive housing in the Los Angeles region stay in housing and off the streets.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was in attendance for the mural dedication, and he's been able to see its progress first-hand on his drive home from City Hall.

"I've been getting off at this freeway every single day and watching it come up, and it has filled my heart with joy," Mayor Garcetti said. "We cannot give up on anybody, we won't give up on anybody, we are not here to address, lessen or to reduce homelessness. We are here to end it."

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