Funder Spotlight: Philadelphia DBHIDS

CSH and the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services (DBHIDS) have partnered to plan and implement a Frequent Users Systems Engagement (FUSE) pilot program called “Hi-Five” for people with severe mental illness in need of supportive housing and who are frequent users of public systems, especially the local jails and behavioral health services.

DBHIDS is subsidizing 45, five-year housing assistance vouchers for eligible participants.

The FUSE model allows Hi-Five to serve Philadelphians with mental illness who are cycling in and out of jails and prison and homelessness by providing affordable, supportive housing and service interventions such as mental health case management and counseling.

Throughout this five-year initiative, each participant will receive support in planning for and obtaining permanent housing, treatment services, and increasing their income through benefits or employment.

The DBHIDS has become an invaluable partner to CSH as we work with the City of Philadelphia to advance supportive housing as a solution to creating a community of inclusivity for those with the greatest healthcare, including mental health,  needs.

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