CSH Training Center Announces CHFA Partnership

The CSH Supportive Housing Training Center has partnered with Colorado Housing Finance Authority’s (CHFA) chfareachprogram to offer trainings and benefits that build the capacity of affordable housing and supportive housing providers. Our combined expertise will:

  • Improve tenants’ quality of life and housing retention as the staff of operators strengthen their skills to deliver and coordinate with services;
  • Increase staff retention and satisfaction rates as employees gain the confidence to manage their job responsibilities; and
  • Reduce the onboarding learning curve, saving organizations time and money.

CHFA invests in the creation of affordable rental housing, the underpinning of supportive housing.

Together with their local partners, CHFA has invested more than $16.7 billion in Colorado’s economy, which have helped in the development and preservation of 66,208 affordable rental housing units as of 2018.

Through this exciting partnership, chfareach members receive significant discounts on CSH‘s Subscription, which features extensive trainings, peer-sharing events, and expert support. Once members subscribe, all essential trainings are available at no additional cost.

Our Subscription is 100% online, giving members on-demand access to information at their convenience. If you are interested in a similar partnership with CSH, reach out to the Supportive Housing Training Center at training@csh.org.

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