CSH-CNCS Pay for Success RFP Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and responses are being provided to assist persons interested in applying to CSH’s Service Provider Capacity Building: Advancing Pay for Success (PFS), Systems Change, and Supportive Housing for Vulnerable Populations Request for Proposals (RFP) for Technical Assistance. Please direct any additional questions to pfs@csh.org.

Eligibility to Apply

We are a community that does not have a PFS pipeline, nor have we ever received any PFS-related support from SIF. Are we eligible to apply? The technical assistance to be provided under this RFP is intended to accelerate PFS work in progress in large part by ensuring that service providers have the capacity they need to successfully participate in and deliver towards an outcomes focused initiative. Prior PFS-related support from SIF directly is no longer required (a change from our previous round of competition), but there does still need to have been some prior work done in the community around PFS. This competition seeks to accept eligible applicants that come from partners, service providers or jurisdictions in communities that previously benefitted from a SIF supported network of PFS investments as well as communities where the federal funds could accelerate the developmental readiness of their PFS pipeline.

Technical Assistance Provided

Would technical assistance also extend to assisting with cost modeling, referral processes and data sharing for a PFS project in addition to building and expanding capacity of service providers? Yes, CSH will work with each provider and other key stakeholders to move forward an overall PFS transaction in development. This work will include, but is not limited to:

  • Working with each service provider to fully review current costs of services provided and develop a detailed service delivery model.
  • Reviewing or further developing the overall housing and services plan for the PFS initiative to be implemented and ensuring alignment among the partners and leverage components.
  • Defining the eligibility and enrollment strategy in collaboration with end payors and evaluation partners.
  • Producing a summary of service provider engagement and a plan to quickly ramp up and implement the PFS transaction.
  • Building the capacity of nonprofit organizations to engage in outcomes focused contracts like Pay for Success and to deliver a high quality supportive housing intervention. This capacity building may take the form or training, technical assistance and/or learning collaboratives.

Is it anticipated that the primary activity will be assisting service providers to build capacity? For some of us, a key limitation is resource availability (i.e. housing) - would there be help in strategizing how to increase resources? Yes, although this RFP is focused on service provider capacity building, as noted above CSH may also assist with further developing the overall housing and services plan for the planned supportive housing initiative. This many include support in strategizing how to identify additional units of housing.

Application Details

Is there any guidance regarding overall page or character limits? The boxes seem pretty small, should I include my response as an attachment instead of in the application boxes? There are no specific page or character limits related to items on the application. That being said, you will note that a number of the questions use words like “summarize” or “briefly describe.” We would suggest including your full response to each question in the provided box to the extent possible. You do not need to stay within the size of the provided box and can include content that goes beyond the size of the boxes and we’ll still be able to see it. That also ensures that we will consider all of your information in response to the most relevant question. The application does ask for the inclusion of attachments such as letters of commitment from partners, but you do not need to include attachments beyond those outlined in the RFP.

Read the Request for Proposals (RFP) in its entirety by clicking here.

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