Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst

Today the CSH Aging Academy is examining "Emergency Preparedness - Mitigating Disasters and Emergencies." 

On the heels of two of the worst weather events in American history (Harvey and Irma), preparing and positioning supportive housing providers, especially those meeting the needs of older adults, to address natural and man-made disasters is both timely and imperative.

Laurie Schoeman, Enterprise Community Partners, joins CSH at our headquarters in New York City to lead a robust discussion touching on:

  • The importance of Capital Needs Assessment (C.N.A) for supportive housing
  • How to maintain business continuity throughout an emergency or disaster event
  • How to ensure housing infrastructure is able to withstand an emergency event
  • How to attain resilience to a variety of climate events
  • How to plan for capital needs

Participants also are being exposed to the "ins and outs" of the Disaster Staffing Toolkit. Having the right plan in place before a disaster will ensure an effective, coordinated response. The Disaster Staffing Toolkit is based on the Incident Command System (ICS), a planning framework used by federal, state and local first responders to help with command, control and coordination of disaster response. Read an overview of the toolkit to understand the importance of developing a disaster staffing plan.

Ready to Respond: Disaster Staffing Toolkit

"Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. Having the right plan in place before will help ensure supportive housing providers have a quick, comprehensive and coordinated response that saves lives and preserves as much housing as possible."

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