Integrated Health Center Opens in San Francisco

CSH provided $9.0 million of $51 million in New Markets Tax Credits financing to HR360, a Federally Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) for its new 50,000-square-foot integrated health care facility which opened this week in San Francisco.

The new state-of-the-art facility replaces two outdated facilities to serve an additional 5,300 homeless and high health need patients per year with integrated medical, mental health, and social services provided by HR360. CSH also provided free technical assistance to HR360 to help to strengthen connections with supportive housing providers in San Francisco.

The ribbon cutting was celebrated by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, and attended by more than 200 business and city leaders and HealthRIGHT 360 supporters, including CSH.

“We must be relentless in working to improve every American’s access to affordable, quality health care,” said Congresswoman Pelosi. “While we fight to defend families’ health care in Washington, San Francisco is leading the way forward with the transformational model of the Integrated Care Center we have opened today. The innovative, coordinated care model available at this center will provide world-class care and address many of the practical burdens that prevent families from receiving all the care and support they deserve.”

“Health care is a basic right, not a privilege,” said Mayor Edwin M. Lee. “We are proud to provide access to health care for all in our city. The opening of this center will provide critical, coordinated service to our most vulnerable residents, offering them much-needed opportunities to lead lives that are healthy and supported.”

“By offering integrated services all under one roof, we simplify access to care and reduce the compounding barriers preventing many from receiving vital services,” said HealthRIGHT 360 CEO Dr. Vitka Eisen.

Details about the ribbon cutting and HealthRight 360 are available here.

More information about CSH's New Markets Tax Credits investments is available here.

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