New CSH Harm Reduction Institute to Launch in Connecticut

Recognizing that harm reduction is a key element of supportive housing, CSH is launching a Harm Reduction Institute (HRI) for select supportive housing service providers in Connecticut through the generous support of Connecticut’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).  Through six interactive training sessions, the HRI will build capacity among supportive housing providers (leadership, management and direct service staff) to successfully support persons with active substance use and other risky behaviors in maintaining housing stability and wellness.

The overall learning objectives for the HRI are to help participants understand: what harm reduction really is, the prevalence of active substance use and other risky behaviors, harm reduction through a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens, legal ramifications of HR interventions, and how to integrate and apply HR concepts and interventions into a recovery focused approach.

To bring the Harm Reduction Institute to your community, contact our Supportive Housing Training Center at training@csh.org.

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