New E-Book: Living In My Own Home

Family RoomSupportive housing helps many people with different life stories. We at CSH believe that with the right supports, anyone can live independently in their own home in the community of their choice.

We worked with Annie and her support network to create an e-book that demonstrates this very point.

The listener is walked through the personal story of how Annie lives a highly integrated life filled with friends, family, paid work, volunteering, and a host of meaningful and enjoyable activities.

The book is narrated by Vicki Niswander, the proud mother of Annie and also the Director of the Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives.

Click here to be transported into the story of Annie. Celebrate her success and visualize how you or someone you know and care about also can access the affordable housing and the right supports to live in the community they choose.

Annie is a gift to us. The ability to tell her life story through this new e-book is made possible by a grant funded by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.

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