Non-Time Limited Supportive Housing Program for Youth

Request for Proposals for Supportive Housing Providers (RFP)

CSH and the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) seek to pilot the effectiveness of a non-time limited supportive housing program for youth (ages 18-19) exiting DYS facilities in Hamilton and Cuyahoga Counties in order to prevent recidivism.  The pilot program will offer twelve (12) units of supportive housing in each of the two communities, for a total of 24 units of housing.

Target Population
The target population for the DYS Pilot is criminal justice involved young adults released from DYS institutions who are identified as homeless or at risk of homelessness upon release and fall into one of 2 categories: 1) Severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) with or without a co-occurring disorder; 2) a lack of employment history and positive social supports.  Referrals can be accepted for an offender up to 12 months post release. Priority is given to offenders identified as being most likely to require supportive services in order to maintain housing and stability.

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Proposals must be submitted by Friday, June 3rd by 5:00pm EST to Katie.kitchin@csh.org.

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