CSH & Breaking Ground December 2015 Convening on Issues on Aging in Supportive Housing



On Wednesday, December 18, 2015, CSH and Breaking Ground joined together to host a convening of leaders from the provider system, development sector and government to discuss emerging trends, best practices and comprehensive approaches to improving housing stability and enhanced service delivery for residents aging in supportive housing. The Agenda was comprehensive and many of the materials discussed during panels held at the Convening are now available (below) to anyone interested in the issues surrounding aging in supportive housing. Click the links in blue to access the materials.

PANEL: Understanding the Growing Health & Housing Needs of Aging New Yorkers. An overview of the health and affordable housing landscape of older New Yorkers and discussion on the range of housing options available based on acuity and service needs.

Moderator: Kristin Miller, Director, CSH. Presenters: Fran Winter, Deputy Commissioner NYC Department for the Aging; John Broderick, Senior Policy Analyst, LeadingAge; Peggy Bailey, Director of Health Systems Integration, CSH. ( Healthy Aging in Place: Strengthening Supportive Housing to Keep Residents at Home )

PANEL: Dollars and Sense: The Business Case for Supportive Housing with Enhanced Services. A discussion of effective pilots implemented to promote healthy aging in place and reductions in avoidable ER and hospital inpatient use among elderly in supportive housing.

Moderator: Pascale Leone, Senior Program Manager, CSH. Presenters: Claire Sheedy, Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs, Breaking Ground; Adina Barbosa, Deputy Chief Program Officer, CUCS; Margo Simon, MD, Janian; Jeff Nemetsky, Executive Director, BCHS. ( Context for ECHO )  ( Healthy Aging at the Oak Hall SRO )

PANEL: Low-Hanging Fruit to Long-term Returns: Promoting Sustainable Models for Aging in Place. Highlights of  current initiatives, including programs funded through the Medicaid Redesign (MRT), to increase accessibility and promote stability among aging residents and those with mobility or chronic illnesses to prevent premature nursing home placement and reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

Moderator: Cheryl Gladstone, Senior Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners. Presenters: David Gillcrist, Executive Director, Project FIND; Ashley Tierno, Assistant Director/Clinical Coordinator Goddard Riverside Community Center; Sydelle Knepper, CEO, SKA Marin. ( Woodstock Statistics )  ( Promoting Healthy Aging in Supportive Housing )  ( Enterprise Gladston Presentation )  ( Goddard Riverside Community Center Senior Supportive Housing Pilot Program )

PANEL: Building Capacity to Address Needs of Aging Tenants. A discussion of building staff capacity to better understand and respond to the unique needs of their aging tenants as well as explore existing trainings and resources available to support staff.

Moderator: Pascale Leone, Senior Program Manager, CSH. Presenters: Karen Taylor, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department for the Aging; India Wright, TAP Nurse Coordinator, Project Renewal Inc.; Insha Hilliard, Senior Trainer, CUCS. ( Building Capacity to Address Needs of Aging Tenants )  ( Tools for Aging Place Program )

This Convening and the publishing of these materials were made possible through the generous support of  Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc. of Mizuho Bank and The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.



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