Trainings to End Homelessness Among NYC Veterans

Vets TrainingIn order to support New York City’s efforts to end veteran homelessness, CSH is leading a series of trainings for NYC’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS) shelter staff and contracted providers who work with veterans. The trainings increase knowledge of veteran-specific resources and provide participants with a better understanding of how they can most effectively serve veteran clients.

The trainings are providing staff with the knowledge and support they need to help New York City achieve and maintain Functional Zero, whereby homelessness among veterans is "functionally" ended because appropriate housing and services are made available within a short timeframe.

CSH has conducted similar trainings in New York for supportive housing and service providers, and is currently implementing such a training academy in Essex County, New Jersey.

By bringing the trainings right to DHS homeless shelter staff and contractors, CSH is helping to enhance the accessibility and quality of services available to extremely vulnerable homeless veterans, ensuring they are engaged in housing and support programs as quickly and effectively as is possible.

Topics covered by the trainings include: Achieving and Maintaining Functional Zero, Housing Resources for Veterans, Advanced 2010e Training, Department of Veterans Affairs 101, Housing First and Introduction to Military Cultural Competency.


CSH is grateful to Capital One and other partners supporting our work to end homelessness among veterans in New York City and elsewhere.

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