Oak Foundation Bolsters CSH Reach for Quality

oakIn their pursuit to embrace housing interventions that stress quality, the Oak Foundation has helped sustain several CSH initiatives designed to focus on preventing homelessness by funding proven solutions that improve the economic and social well-being of marginalized youth, adults and families.

Working with CSH, the Oak Foundation has challenged us and other grantees to find ways to help these vulnerable populations while insisting that the supportive housing providers we fund and counsel adhere to the highest standards of quality in the delivery of their programs and services.

A CSH hallmark is our Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing initiative, which strives to build the capacity of supportive and affordable housing in an environment that encourages, creates and operates high-quality, effective and sustainable housing and services.

Funding from the Oak Foundation helps CSH increase the economic self-sufficiency of those experiencing homelessness and supportive housing residents by:

  • equipping homeless people and those at risk of homelessness with skills to move towards economic stability, enabling them to overcome barriers to employment and encouraging sustained employment;
  • increasing the impact of entitlements and defending them against cuts; and
  • maximizing income through wage growth and enabling people to secure and maintain their entitlements.

To improve the supply of quality, affordable housing, the Oak Foundation partners with us so that CSH can effectively:

  • identify and explore enhancements to systems for developing and financing affordable housing, including supportive housing;
  • increase the social value of existing or planned supportive housing by enhancing its management.
  • advocate for people facing a housing crisis;
  • identify groups at greater risk of homelessness and encouraging early intervention and support; and
  • challenge structures and policies that compromise people's ability to achieve housing stability.


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