Supportive Housing for Individuals with Long Term Care Needs - Guest Blog & Training Video from Liz Prince

Liz Prince is the Project Director, Money Follows the Person Project, Washington State Department of Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

Supportive Housing is an evidence-based intervention for individuals having behavioral health needs and experiencing homelessness, but could it also be an effective intervention for individuals with long term care needs?  In Washington State, the Aging and Long Term Support Administration (ALTSA) teamed up with CSH to start a conversation about supportive housing specifically as a resource for long term care clients.

WA State has long been a leader in providing home and community based resources for its residents, but independent housing options continue to pose a challenge, particularly for individuals with very complex needs.  Designed to both give an overview of supportive housing basics and make the case for it’s potential to address some stubborn long term care service issues, this 10 minute video draws parallels between the well-defined existing supportive housing population  and people with long term care needs who struggle with existing care options.

Supportive Housing and Long-Term Care Video

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