Capital One Grant Helps Expand FUSE

Capital One's philanthropy program provides grants to national and local organizations that support education, financial literacy and community development initiatives.

Within its focus on community development, Capital One strengthens low-income neighborhoods by supporting national and local efforts to enhance:

  • Workforce development
  • Affordable housing creation
  • Small business development

Capital One's recent grant to CSH will promote scaled replication and the sustainability of the FUSE (Frequent Users/Utilizers Systems Engagement) model, helping to ensure that more people leaving our jails and prisons will access affordable housing and have a real chance to become a part of the communities in which they live.

Because of the generosity of Capital One and others, CSH is able to recreate FUSE in more communities across the country.

FUSE is a CSH signature accomplishment that helps communities identify and engage high-utilizers of public systems and place them into supportive housing in order to break the cycle of repeated use of costly crisis services, shelters, and the criminal justice system. In the FUSE model, supportive housing serves to smooth the transition from institution to community, promoting a transformation that serves those released from jails and prisons, and the general population, by improving lives and public safety.

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