Funder Spotlight: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Last year, when the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) announced a $750,000 award to CSH through their Social Innovation Fund (SIF) program, designating us a SIF Pay for Success grantee, we vowed to use it to leverage seed funding we received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation to provide expert advice to communities hoping to implement robust Pay-for-Success financed supportive housing. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was an early philanthropic investor in our Pay-for-Success focus.

Pay for Success is designed to tackle persistent community challenges by partnering nonprofits and the public sector with philanthropic organizations and the private sector to create incentives for service providers to deliver better outcomes at lower cost—producing the highest return on taxpayer investments.

CSH has now selected six communities from across the country to explore the Pay-for-Success potential for creating supportive housing.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was ahead of the curve in recognizing Pay for Success as a way to strengthen bonds among federal agencies, states and local communities, philanthropic organizations and providers. Like us, they view it as a promising new tool to help communities change public policy and systems-services delivery for the better.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation touches so many aspects of our work. We are honored the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and CNCS entrusted CSH with the opportunity to move Pay for Success forward and are grateful for their ongoing support.

For over 40 years, from a national to a local level, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has expanded efforts to pursue the best healthcare possible for people from all walks of life. Their strong interest in supportive housing is based on the intense healthcare services, including medical and behavioral, offered to our residents.

The Robert Wood Johnson and CSH partnership is long and productive one, committed to advancing groundbreaking ideas promoting good health and health care for the well-being and stability of our society and the vitality of our families and communities.

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