The Road Forward in MN

Supportive Housing: The Road Forward

305_The Road Forward 1_14On November 18, CSH held an event entitled Supportive Housing: The Road Forward, bringing together influential leaders in supportive housing from across Minnesota including decision makers, policy shapers, innovative thinkers and leaders in the industry. This program focused on learning, networking, and discovering advances in supportive housing. The program began with a keynote address by Commissioner Mary Tingerthal, followed by opportunities to learn and connect on key topic areas including:

  • The Need for Sustainable Supportive Service Strategies;
  • Reaching New Populations and New Financial Models; and
  • The Future of Supportive Housing Creation.

Panelists included:

  • Peggy Bailey, CSH
  • Kristine Davis, DHS
  • Andy McMahon, CSH
  • Dominic Mitchell, St. Paul PHA
  • Alison Niemi, DHS
  • Joel Salzer, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Michele Smith, HUD
  • Cathy Ten Broeke, Director to Prevent and End Long Term Homelessness
  • Commissioner Mary Tingerthal, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Katrina Van Valkenburgh, CSH

Excellent feedback was provided by partners from non-profit organizations and state government, sharing that this event was a turning point for supportive housing in Minnesota. We expect productive activity to continue to shape our system moving forward.

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