Webinar to Focus on Supportive Housing & Child Welfare

Can linking subsidized housing with social support services bring stability to poor and highly vulnerable families so that their children grow up safe and healthy? A groundbreaking demonstration project in five sites across the country is testing the effectiveness of family supportive housing in preventing child welfare involvement and keeping families together.

On November 12, at 4:00pm ET, the Child Welfare & Supportive Housing Resource Center will hold a webinar to share lessons and observations from the first year of this project.  Join us to learn about:

  • Partnerships needed to make family supportive housing work
  • How sites are integrating housing and services
  • The progress sites have made enrolling and serving families
  • Challenges and early lessons

Families struggling with intergenerational poverty, chronic homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness are among the toughest cases in the child welfare system.  Yet staying with their parents would be the best outcome for many children in these families-if they could do so safely in a more stable environment.

Supportive housing harnesses the resources of multiple public agencies and service providers-including child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, public assistance, housing, and job training-to treat the family as a whole.  It gives families a safe and permanent place to call home, as well as the supportive services they need to stay together.

This initiative is an outgrowth of the success of CSH’s Keeping Families Together, which showed tremendous positive outcomes for families and cost-effectiveness for the public sector.

Be a part of the experience and conversation on November 12, 2014


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