Training Center Update from Kim Walker

Ah, how time flies. Remember this wonderful blog from Deb De Santis, our fearless CEO, announcing the launch of the Training Center?

Well, the Supportive Housing  Training Center has been active for about 5 months now! Since our launch in July, we’ve put on 2 e-classes and 5 webcasts (with a few more to come before the end of the year), launched a new website, delivered 3 in-person workshops on supportive housing, carried out several community-specific contracts, and, importantly for us, started to get feedback! Some of that feedback from our e-classes and webcasts so far:

  • “I liked the small number of attendees and being able to hear how other communities are approaching data matching. I also appreciated the presenter's expertise and ability to cite specific examples of how the concepts are being implemented in other communities.”
  • “I liked the ability to dialogue and ask questions. The presenter was knowledgeable and also accessible and clear.”
  • “It is an efficient way to use resources: time and money. It is a green solution as there is no travel time involved.”

As we’ve outlined in the past, our approach is focused on creating online offerings worth your money (though we have some Freemiums as well), and we believe the way to do that is to improve your ability to obtain and retain knowledge through frequent interaction and activities. We pair that interactive approach with a subject matter expert and voila!

While we’ve focused quite a lot on increasing our online presence, we’re also out in communities in-person offering trainings. This year we’re providing workshops on Quality Supportive Housing and Effective Targeting across the country. We also provided a 2-day training as part of this year’s NeighborWorks conference in Orlando.

There’s a lot more to come in 2015. We’re hoping to create more blended (online + in-person) training packages to meet community’s needs, and are striving to increase our content offerings in several topic areas, including health care, systems thinking/systems change, and serving the most vulnerable, with a focus on households with disabilities and subpopulations. We’ll also keep refining and differentiating our different offerings so you know when you sign up what skills, information, and/or tools you’ll be walking away with. We want to keep growing, building, and bringing content that is evidence-based, interactive, and memorable.

If you want to stay up to date with us, be sure to join our Training Center newsletter, keep an eye to Pipeline, and follow us on Twitter at our @CSHInfo account. We look forward to hearing from you!

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