CSH Applauds HUD Action on VASH-PBVs

Among other changes, CSH has been urging the HUD to make it easier to “project-base” Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) vouchers to enhance what is already an effective tool in our quest to end veterans homelessness.

To that end, we are pleased that HUD has announcedit is providing an additional $4.2 million in VASH-Project Based Vouchers (PBVs) to twenty-two Public Housing Authorities (PHAs).

HUD had originally created a $7 million set-aside for PBVs within its $75 million allocation for HUD-VASH. Under this allotment, PHAs had to apply and demonstrate need and project-readiness.

Subsequently, HUD determined the real need for units exceeded their initial set-aside and chose an additional twenty-two PHAs (using the new $4.2 million) that had already applied to receive more VASH-PBVs.

Here is the most recent notice announcing the added awards. Please note names of exact recipient PHAs are not included and are pending proper congressional notification.

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