Congress Must Approve More HUD Funds

CSH believes a stop-gap Continuing Resolution (CR) for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at FY 2014 funding levels, or less, is inadequate to address growing housing needs. We encourage congressional leaders to instead pass a full FY 2015 HUD bill increasing resources for homeless people and other vulnerable populations through McKinney-Vento and similar programs.
Just last week, the US Senate approved the House-passed CR that funds all federal programs through December 11 at slightly lower levels than FY 2014. The 0.06% across-the-board reduction was done to offset new provisions such as combating the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and potential humanitarian and military aid in Syria. The White House urged passage of the CR, which does not exceed the overall FY 2014 spending level.

Since the CR will expire in December, Congress must approve FY 2015 funding legislation during its post-election lame duck session to ensure federally funded programs, including those under HUD, continue operating after that date.

In the meantime, CSH intends to intensify its strong advocacy to promote realistic HUD funding levels in FY 2015 and beyond.

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