PBS NewsHour Hosts Twitter Chat on Ending Chronic Homelessness

PBS NewsHour is hosting a Twittter chat today @NewsHour  focused on the topic that gets to the heart of what CSH is all about...solutions that end chronic homelessness.

News Hour’s hook for the discussion is a new report released by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty on the criminalization of homelessness in U.S. cities.

Over the weekend, NewsHour looked at the Law Center’s findings, which detail why such outdated rules are ineffective.

Citing research comparing the cost of homelessness (including law enforcement and medical expenses) with the cost of affordable housing, the report suggests that criminalizing homelessness ultimately costs cities more than providing shelter.

NewsHour wants to hear our views affirming the Law Center’s findings.

We have a great story to tell. Since 2005, chronic homelessness in the US has dropped almost 50% because supportive housing works. Unlike supportive housing, draconian laws do not produce results and are counterproductive.

Local officials need only heed the examples of Houston, TX, and Salt Lake City, Utah, to name a few, to understand that strong commitments to supportive housing, serious system change and intense coordination between housing and service providers pays off.

We encourage you to participate in the NewsHour Twitter conversation to help answer two important questions for the public:

  • Are laws against loitering, sitting and sleeping in public ethical?
  • What can U.S. cities do to end chronic homelessness?

A helpful guide for sharing thoughts about supportive housing is available here.

We can play an important role in shaping this debate.

The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (@NLCHPhomeless) and the National Coalition for the Homeless (@Ntl_Homeless) will be joining the discussion.

We encourage you to follow the conversation and respond using #NewsHourChats.

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