CSH Uses Innovative Solutions to Create Real Community Change

Supportive housing solutions help build healthy communities by promoting the integration of public systems and coordinated care for individuals and families. Because supportive housing takes a holistic approach to improving lives of our most vulnerable people, CSH has the unique capability of tapping untraditional funding streams and resources for housing in order to spur stronger, healthier communities. CSH's work with the Corporation for National and Community Service's Social Innovation Fund (SIF), and the Administration on Children, Youth and Families are prime examples of this innovative work.

Because of the promising results of CSH's Keeping Families Together pilot in New York City, ACYF, made an unprecedented investment in housing. The investment funds five communities in Tennessee, Florida, Cedar Rapids, California and Connecticut to use supportive housing to stabilize families struggling with homelessness and who are involved in the child welfare system. These supportive housing demonstrations allow the lead organizations and the local collaboratives to create real change using customized pilots that are unique to their community.

As a SIF intermediary, CSH provides funding and support to grantees in four other communities Los Angeles, San Francisco, Connecticut and Ann Arbor, MI. to use supportive housing for the highest utilizers of emergency systems and health care services in their areas. These programs will reduce public costs, saving the communities money and stabilizing their population.

These two initiatives allow CSH to oversee the development of supportive housing with an understanding that community infrastructure must be created in order to achieve sustainability and stability for individuals housed and the community at large.

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