2013 Rural Supportive Housing Institute

CSH has partnered with Collaborative Solutions, Inc. (CSI) to launch the second joint Rural Supportive Housing Institute in Alabama. The Institute helps nonprofits learn how to navigate the complex process of developing housing with support services and is expected to reduce the time it takes to obtain funding for affordable housing by improving the planning process.

In previous years, CSI has hosted a Rural Supportive Housing Institute for service providers in the Southeast with the goal to improve and increase affordable housing for special needs populations in rural communities. CSH has also hosted Supportive Housing Institutes for organizations in Illinois and Indiana with a similar goal, and launched the American Indian Supportive Housing Initiative (AISHI), an initiative that addresses the root causes of Native American homelessness both on and off tribal land. Together, these institutes have created hundreds of permanent supportive housing units in rural America. The joint Institute, co-presented by CSI and CSH, is focused on rural Alabama and is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Rural Housing and Economic Development program.

The Institute provides targeted training and technical assistance to development teams. Teams receive over 80 hours of training including individualized technical assistance and resources to assist in completing their project. In addition, experts from across the region provide insight on property management, financing, and building design. The Institute trainings will be located in Birmingham, AL with site visits to several supportive housing projects at locations around the state.

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