CSH Charrettes from Florida to Canada

CSH Charrettes provide communities a platform to raise important policy issues in a manner that promotes transparency, authenticity and action.  Because they are time limited and focused, community leaders find that they bring a renewed sense of interest in issues, specifically tied to ending and preventing homelessness.  Since its inception with our partners in Baltimore County, Maryland, CSH has facilitated 9 Charrettes in diverse communities, and we are not slowing down.

After recently completing a Charrette for the State of Delaware, CSH is headed to Florida for the second time, conducting a Charrette for Broward County, and Indiana for its third Charrette, which will be in Bloomington.  Expanding internationally, we will soon host our first Canadian Charrette in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  CSH will also be in Los Angeles, helping to create a housing plan for populations leaving the criminal justice system and returning to communities. Finally, in the works, CSH may be in Indiana a fourth time as they consider a Charrette for a statewide plan, and we are working on two modified versions of our Charrette for youth leaving foster care in Nebraska and for creating a community discussion on how to end homelessness in Jackson, Mississippi.

Want to learn more? Visit our Charrette page to read about how a CSH Charrette can benefit your community and find examples of past Charrettes conducted by CSH.

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