100K Homes Indianapolis Community Briefing

236_CommunityBriefing_Feb 11On February 11, CSH co-facilitated a community briefing with the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention and City of Indianapolis to share Registry Week results, next steps, and ways to become involved in this effort.

Registry Week involved surveying people sleeping outside during the last week of January between the hours of 4am - 7am for three days using a combined Point in Time Count Survey and Vulnerability Index.

Click here to view the presentation offered. Click here to read an article about the Indy Registry Week and Community Briefing.

Of the 144 people surveyed, 86 scored as vulnerable and 14 people were connected to supportive housing the following week.

For more information or to view videos of volunteer reactions to Registry Week, please visit www.100khomesindy.org.




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