Screening of Lost Angels: My Home is Skid Row

CSH is proud to help lead the 100K Homes Campaign in Indianapolis. To support awareness of this effort and request financial support for household items to be purchased for vulnerable people as they transition out of homelessness and into housing, we are hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday, December 18th at 7pm Athenaeum Foundation located at 401 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis.

Join us for a screening of Lost Angels: My Home is Skid Row. The suggested donation is $10.

As David Langness described, "Los Angeles' Skid Row is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. And we found, inside that community, the remarkable and enormously moving stories of Olympic athletes, Harvard attorneys, accomplished musicians, scholars. We found poverty, drugs, and mental illness, of course - but more importantly we found life, hope and incredibly powerful human journeys.

Click the link below to view a trailer of this film:

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