NPR Story Investigates Detroit's Homeless Population

Since 2007, CSH has worked very closely with the Detroit Continuum of Care staff and providers  to build capacity and provide technical assistance. Through this partnership, an additional $8 million bonus project funding has come into the Detroit CoC.  CSH has received a one-year grant from the McGregor fund to continue its capacity building work in Detroit in 2013.  CSH has also spearheaded a Detroit FUSE Initiative for frequent users of health systems.  This program will launch in January 2013.

Kyle Norris, a reporter with Michigan Radio, contacted CSH seeking general information on homelessness and housing.  Kyle was doing a feature on the Neighborhood Service Organization’s health outreach program, and was referred by the program’s Nurse Practitioner who has been very involved in the Detroit FUSE work.  Meghan Takashima from the Detroit office recorded an interview to provide backdrop on homelessness in Detroit and across Michigan.  That interview was broadcast on Monday, December 17th to kick off a three day series on innovative programs serving individuals who are homeless.

Listen to that interview and the rest of the series here

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