Connecticut Health Foundation is the Newest Funder for Social Innovation Fund Initiative

The Connecticut Health Foundation has joined several foundations as a partner and supporter of CSH's Social Innovation Fund Initiative to improve health and reduce costs among vulnerable men and women whose complex health conditions and poor access to health and housing contribute to rising health care costs.  This new support builds upon the CT Health's prior support to CSH in Connecticut, which helped to increase collaboration and services integration between supportive housing and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

"The Connecticut Health Foundation is committed to eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities in Connecticut through advancing solutions, systems integration and rigorous evaluation. CT Health is thus pleased to be a funding partner of the Connecticut Integrated Healthcare and Housing Neighborhoods Social Innovation Fund Initiative. People of color are a disproportionate segment of the homeless population living with chronic conditions. Supportive housing that integrates a culturally and linguistically appropriate health home that addresses physical and mental health needs is a promising model for reducing health care disparities while reducing costs," says Elizabeth Myung Sook Krause, Senior Program Officer, Connecticut Health Foundation.

The CT Health Foundation has been a catalyst for reforming the state's health care system to increase health equity and quality.  CSH is proud to have them as a partner.

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