Ohio Housing Finance Agency Webinar: Daybreak, Changing Lives Creating Futures, Year One Process Evaluation

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is hosting a webinar on Friday, April 6 1:00- 2:00 p.m. that will explore findings released from the first component of a two part evaluation of a Dayton-based comprehensive housing program for homeless and transitioning youth.

The report, Daybreak: Changing Lives Creating Futures, Year One Process Evaluation, explores 12 months of data collection and research on Daybreak, a nonprofit organization providing street outreach, emergency shelter, transitional housing, crisis intervention and support services to Dayton’s homeless youth ages 10 to 21. The process evaluation documents and describes in detail the development and implementation of Daybreak including its mission, goals and objectives, and program strategies.

Register today for a webinar, you will learn about:

  •  the history and organizational structure of Daybreak;
  •  the core programs that define it;
  •  the numerous services it provides (both on-site and in partnership with local providers);
  • how staff and stakeholders feel about Daybreak;
  • the needs facing homeless youth in Montgomery County today.

CSH worked with Daybreak and its development team, starting in 2004 through to the project’s opening in 2008.   CSH provided technical assistance and a $35,000 Project Initiation Loan to assist with early predevelopment expenses.   The project, the first of its kind in Ohio, is a unique combination of  24/7 emergency shelter for homeless youth ages 10-18, 24-furnished apartments for homeless youth ages 18-21, 24-hour on-site supervision, support services and security, an area for “street youth” to shower, do laundry, and meet with staff, a counseling center for youth and their families, two computer labs, training rooms and recreation areas.

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