Twenty Successes -- Ensuring Quality: Dimensions that Set the Standard

CSH is dedicated to ensuring that supportive housing achieves and maintains a high level of quality. And in 2006, CSH made it a priority to assure that the quality of supportive housing projects and the services they provide wouldn’t decline as early supportive housing projects began to age. So CSH set out to define quality in supportive housing.

We used successful supportive housing properties as our baseline, but we knew the insight of people who own, operate and live in supportive housing would be key. We convened focus groups comprised of supportive housing tenants, service providers, funder and other stakeholders. The groups were a great success and we were able to gather vital data and perspectives.

The result was our Seven Dimensions of Quality for Supportive Housing. Not only are the Dimensions a framework that allows developers, property managers, service providers and funders to make sound investments in quality supportive housing; but it also led to an assessment tool for existing supportive housing. Since 2009, the Dimensions of Quality has set the standard for best practices.

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