Twenty Successes -- Dedicated to Partnerships: CSH and United Way

The United Way has always played a valuable role in addressing community needs through leadership and financial resources. For several local branches, ending homelessness has become a top priority. CSH and the United Way realized that our shared goals around ending homelessness make us natural partners. For several years, we have been working in close partnership with local United Ways across the country from California to New Jersey and points in between.

To date our partnerships have lead to the creation of Ten Year Plans, and supportive housing units for the most vulnerable in Maricopa County, AZ; San Diego, CA; Hudson County, NJ; Baltimore County, MD; and Rhode Island.

Our four-year partnership with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles has lead to the creation of a joint effort with city and county elected officials, business leaders and community groups alike. When the Los Angeles Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness announced Home for Good, their plan to end chronic and veteran homeless, the local United Way credited CSH, "CSH contributed tremendously to this work," said Christine Marge of the United Way. "We couldn’t have done this without your partnership and the groundwork you’ve laid here in Los Angeles, and we look forward to working with you on implementation."

CSH is dedicated to sustaining our partnership with the United Way and to building more like it to achieve our mission of preventing and ending homelessness nationwide.

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