Twenty Successes -- Another First: State of the Supportive Housing Industry Report

CSH never stops looking for ways to serve the supportive housing industry. In early 2010, CSH set out to gain a deeper understanding of what was happening on the ground in communities across the country; how the industry was responding to the economic downturn; the role they saw for supportive housing; and what they envisioned for the future. So CSH fielded our first State of the Supportive Housing Industry Survey -- the first comprehensive study on the supportive housing field. And the industry responded.

"The response to the survey indicated that the supportive housing community has grown and is entrenched in communities across the country. The individuals who participated in the survey demonstrated that they want to contribute to the future growth of supportive housing," said Connie Tempel, COO of CSH. "We are using the insights gained from the results to further refine our efforts and initiatives."

We received an impressive 350 responses from people across the entire spectrum of our industry. Service providers, developers, owners, government officials, advocates and many others, offered tremendous feedback to inform our day to day and big picture work. Now this is an annual survey which should serve to benchmark how the industry is doing -- see the 2011 State of the Supportive Housing Industry Survey results.

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