CSH Honors Funding Champion in Supportive Housing

At our 20th Anniversary Event, CSH  presented the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with a Funding Champion in Supportive Housing Award in recognition of our years of partnership and in appreciation for the dedication that the foundation has shown in helping communities to innovate the application of supportive housing and improve people’s lives.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation works to improve the health and health care of all Americans. A leader in philanthropy, the foundation helps transform communities for the better. CSH has been a proud partner of RWJF since 1991, when they helped provide the first seed money to get CSH off the ground. The foundation is one of CSH’s largest -- and longest -- funders.

RWJF has worked with CSH on such initiatives as "Taking Health Care Home," which helped communities across the country to work on the intersection of housing and health; the Returning Home Initiative, which is establishing supportive housing as an essential component of reintegrating formerly incarcerated people into communities; and most recently on "Keeping Families Together," which is demonstrating that supportive housing can help some of the country’s most vulnerable and high-risk families. RWJF was also recognized for their role as a founding member of Funders Together to End Homelessness.

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