Supportive Housing Project Tours

Take a virtual visit to some of the supportive housing projects developed and operated by CSH's partners throughout the country.


Anishinabe Wakiagun

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Anishinabe Wakiagun is home to 40 homeless chronic inebriates, many of whom are American Indian. Anishinabe Wakiagun pays particular attention to matching physical design of the building with its population.

Canon Barcus

Located in San Francisco, California, Canon Barcus is a 48-unit permanent supportive housing apartment building for homeless, very low-income families living with special needs. Canon Barcus apartments are virtually indistinguishable from surrounding market rate buildings.


Cedar Hill

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Cedar Hill has 25 efficiency apartments for formerly homeless and dually diagnosed adults.



The Community Engagement Program

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Community Engagement Program is serving the long-term homeless population by pairing permanent housing with customized employment services for up to 89 individuals. Tenants live in private market units throughout the city.


Deborah's Place

A program serving women in Chicago, Illinois, Deborah's Place offers a continuum of services including permanent supportive housing. Two Deborah’s Place buildings as well as their tenant education program are included in this photo tour.



Jericho Project is a nonprofit organization that owns, operates and provides services for supportive housing in New York City. Loring Place Residence in the Bronx is home to 52 men and women.


 Lamp Lodge

Lamp Lodge is a 48-unit permanent supportive housing project for homeless single adults with severe mental illness. The project, built in 1991, is located in downtown Los Angeles and was the first building in the neighborhood with private kitchens and baths.


 Outreach Center Apartments

Outreach Center Apartments in Cloquet, Minnesota are five apartments with supportive services built above a consumer-run drop-in center for individuals with mental health issues.


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