As an experienced innovator, CSH is positioned to provide training and technical assistance to communities, Continuums of Care, public housing authorities, housing finance agencies, and other providers to create, implement, and sustain Moving On programs. Our expertise can help you:

  • Design a Moving On Program: We know how to target the right population, partners, services and funding sources. We understand how people flow in and out of supportive housing, and will use our system map and analysis worksheets to examine key data points and make recommendations. We also model the financing of proposed programs and develop anticipated outcomes.
  • Facilitate Community Dialogue: The CSH “charrette” is rapid, dynamic, inclusive planning that addresses and overcomes biases and barriers. Through the charrette, we facilitate focused and comprehensive dialogue to develop the program model, smooth implementation, and discuss improvements to the current housing placement system in your community.
  • Create or Modify Assessment Tools:  To enhance the targeting process, CSH has developed several sample assessment tools and can work with you to adapt them for local use. We also are well positioned to complement the coordinated entry efforts in your community by ensuring tools align and are integrated into the housing placement system.
  • Participate in a learning collaborative: CSH is pursuing the creation of a learning collaborative comprised of communities that have implemented or are ready to create Moving On strategies. If approved, we will feature profiles of programs from across the country and provide opportunities for virtual roundtables and peer sharing.
  • Train community stakeholders: CSH will offer online and in-person training courses in the coming months to build local capacity on Moving on strategies.

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