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Building partnerships between health care providers – especially the community health centers – and housing providers is key to addressing the needs of highly vulnerable populations and the people excessively using crisis care in our communities. At CSH, we believe that Supportive Housing is Healthcare. CSH brings information and best practices to health centers and other health system providers about the housing systems, and builds knowledge and skill sets to foster collaborations among providers in health, housing, and service communities.  Using 21st century training platforms, CSH brings information on topics that are current and authentic for health and housing providers.  We develop the session topics from questions and scenarios we hear from the community providers. We present content on issues that are impacting your service delivery and the performance outcomes for your clients. Popular topics include:  Data Matching Across Health and Housing Systems, Resource Guide for Building Partnerships, Care Coordination, and Connecting Health System Providers to Coordinated Entry.

The webinar and online training formats introduce the expertise and voices from the field to highlight and advance best practices.  Panelists articulate the barriers they experienced moving their project or partnerships forward, key decision points and decision makers, and strategies for engaging partners and stakeholders.  Of course, our panelists stay on for questions from the listening audience.  There are always take-aways:  copies of the presentation materials, companion documents, and Q&A. In addition, listen in now and then again, as all webinar recordings are available via the CSH Supportive Housing Training Center.

NEW in 2018: Learning Collaboratives  to Bolster Health & Housing Partnerships

CSH is excited to announce the launch of two Learning Collaboratives to strengthen community health and housing partnerships addressing the Social Determinants of Health for our most vulnerable populations.

Launching in January 2018, Capital Expansion for Health & Housing Partnerships & also Services in Supportive Housing for Health Centers are virtual forums, facilitated by CSH, for peer organizations to exchange expertise, explore promising best practices, solve challenging problems and create new partnership opportunities.

Choose the focus area(s) that best meets your health center’s strategic goals and community needs. Click on the Learning Collaborative link for more details, including upcoming introductory webinars and application deadlines:

FUSE Tutorial for Health Centers

CSH’s signature FUSE initiative for supportive housing has been implemented in more than 30 communities for people with high needs who are frequently using multiple and costly public systems, such as shelters, hospitals and jails. Many of these local initiatives feature community health centers as key partners playing a variety of roles, from outreach to full service provision. CSH has developed an online virtual training tutorial on how health centers can partner to start FUSE initiatives. This new tutorial features four community profiles that highlight the steps to successful FUSE implementation.

free self-Paced online training

Health and Housing Partnerships: Making Them Work
This self-paced online class explores the importance and value of partnering with supportive housing providers, partner perspectives and goals, how to assess your organization and your partner organization, and how to make partnerships last. Audience: Organizations that operate community Health Centers. Instructional Level: Introductory. Certificate: All participants will receive a certificate that can be printed from the Online Training Center following completion of this course. Duration: Varies by learner, approximately 30 minutes. Cost: Free.
Click here to take the course. 

In case you missed it:

Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Effective Strategies for Health Centers (click for the presentation).

Review some of our Webinar Highlights (click to access recording and materials)



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