This section will include key research and papers regarding the intersection of Housing and Health Care and relevant information about the healthcare system for people with the greatest needs. CSH will draw from the growing literature on this topic and highlight the work of key partners as well as our own efforts.

Research  & Papers


Public Housing Agencies and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations: Common Goals, Challenges, & Opportunities Serving Vulnerable People, CSH
This guide introduces PHAs and MCOs to each other in order to illustrate common goals and challenges and to highlight emerging opportunities for collaboration.

Working with a State Medicaid Plan, CSH
This brief offers the supportive housing community knowledge and strategies regarding how to effectively engage with your state Medicaid plan.

Using Medicaid to Pay for Services in Permanent Supportive Housing: Steps for CoC Leads to Get Started, CSH/NAEH/TAC
The Homeless Systems and Continuums of Care have been focused on engaging mainstream resources. This “How To” guide offers a framework and concrete strategies for programs and COCs to consider Medicaid funding to sustain and expand their capacity in supportive housing.

Housing as Health Care - Leveraging Housing Interventions that Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Costs: A Road Map for States, National Governors Association
The National Governors Association has used their resources to develop a guide for states regarding the intersection of health and housing and concrete strategies for states.  NGA is very influential in state policy circles and expect that this guide will direct many state human services systems to the door of the supportive housing community trying to learn how to expand capacity.

Health & Housing Partnerships: Strategic Guidance for Health Centers and Supportive Housing Providers, CSH
Supported by CSH’s technical assistance activities for HRSA, this guide highlights how health centers and supportive housing providers can engage, and enhance the key work of each sector.

Creating a Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Benefit (CSH)
CSH’s framework provides guidance in five areas of implementation: 1) Benefit eligibility, 2) Service package 3) State Medicaid plan changes, 4) Financing and reinvestment strategies, and 5) Operationalizing the benefit.

Housing is the Best Medicine: Supportive Housing and the Social Determinants of Health, CSH
This policy brief consider the basics of the concept for the health care system of the Social Determinants of Health.  SDOH work acknowledges the impact of housing and other social factors in a person’s ability to attain and maintain good health.  Ideas around SDOH are leading the well-resourced health care industry to the door of the supportive housing industry to learn what we do and the impact of our model.

Federal and State Collaboration to Improve Health Through Housing,  National Academy for State Health Policy
State and federal policymakers increasingly acknowledge that health is difficult to achieve and maintain for people without a stable home. The cross-sector nature of efforts to provide health care, housing, and housing-related services to vulnerable populations can make it difficult for health and housing policymakers to align and coordinate their work. With support from The Commonwealth Fund, federal and state policymakers met in December 2016 to identify concrete policy recommendations and actionable steps to align programs to ensure that people with high service needs receive the housing and supportive services they need to become and stay healthy



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