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This section will highlight and share US_Capitol_Wideinformation on federal and state health policy of importance to the Supportive Housing Field. The section will include both proposed changes in federal and state health care policies that impact supportive housing development, operations and sustainability.



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A lot is happening quickly in the health care world and we  want to keep you up to speed on how it impacts the people you serve, your residents, your programs and your communities.  Keep up on the latest in our Health Talk blog.

Policy Resources

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Informational Bulletin: Coverage of Housing-Related Activities & Services for Individuals with Disabilities, CMS
This Informational Bulletin from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) outlined how CMS could use the various authorities of the Medicaid program to fund supportive services.

Supportive Housing & Olmstead - The Dialogue, CSH
This CSH Policy brief examines in details strategies states are using to comply with the mandate of Olmstead, and how high quality supportive housing can be a key component of that strategy.  The brief educates the supportive housing field on the Olmstead vision and mandates.

Summary of State Action: Tenancy Support Services in Medicaid, CSH Updated November, 2017
This short paper outlines the progress of states who have responded to CMS’s 2015 Information Bulletin on housing support services.  The paper discussed how states are using Medicaid to fund supportive service in housing and to expand their capacity of supportive housing.

Summary of state Action: Medicaid & Housing Services, CSH Updated October, 2017
This short paper outlines a variety of strategies that states are taking to expand supportive housing capacity in their communities.

Creating a State Medicaid Supportive Services Housing Benefit: A Framework for Washington and Other States, CSH
This white paper describes the policy and implementation avenues available to Washington State to use its Medicaid resources more efficiently and improve the health outcomes of its most vulnerable residents by creating a Medicaid supportive housing services benefit.

Fulfilling the Dream: Aligning State Efforts to Implement Olmstead and End Chronic Homelessness, USICH
This brief outlines how states and communities can align their efforts to end chronic homelessness, with efforts to ensure compliance with the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decree for states to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to live in the ‘least restrictive environment”.  For many persons with disabilities, that ‘least restrictive environment is supportive housing.



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