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WHY does your agency need this academy? A lack of reliable financing for the services in supportive housing can be a real obstacle. Medicaid can pay for these critical tenancy support services, but figuring out how to access these resources can be challenging for you and your agency. CSH can help. With our expertise behind you, your agency can navigate the challenging world of Medicaid, become a Medicaid biller, create a business plan, and ensure agency systems are in place to support Medicaid billing.

CSH’s Online Medicaid Academy – Discovering New Opportunities for Service Funding: Your Agency and Medicaid – will help unlock your agency’s potential to capitalize on opportunities presented by Medicaid to pay for services provided by supportive housing projects. A small investment in our 4-month training program can reap benefits for your agency for years to come.

The Complexity of Medicaid made Clear - If your agency has ever wondered how to tap into new resources for funding, or you know your agency should be asking questions about Medicaid but are unsure of your approach, this academy is right for you. Our experts will walk you step-by-step through the process to help you determine if billing Medicaid is the best option for your agency or whether you should attempt a different strategy. We also show you how to create a business plan, contract with Managed Care Organizations, and create systems for compliance, technology and documentation.

The academy is 100% online, making it convenient and easy to attend, while reducing the time you need to spend away from the office. The academy is intended for teams of 3-5 from an agency to attend and learn together, and create a plan for leveraging Medicaid. After registering, your team will participate in an introductory webinar where we will orient you to the Online Training Center and curriculum. You will then progress through a series of five self-paced online courses and five live instructor-led trainings where you will have a chance to ask questions of experts.

Holders of the CSH Supportive Housing Training Center All Access Pass may be eligible for a special discount off the price of the academy. This discount is limited to one per agency.

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