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CSH focuses our lending resources on the specific needs of nonprofit and for-profit borrowers developing supportive housing so every community has housing resources available to serve their most vulnerable populations. In order to qualify for a loan, a minimum of 10% of the project’s units must be targeted to supportive housing residents.

What sets our loans apart from the rest?
CSH’s loan products enable our borrowers to better prepare and compete for capital and permanent financing. Our loan products are available as stand-alone or combined with our other loan products. CSH will work with you to pair financing with CSH trainings and technical assistance if needed.

Project Initiation Loans (PILs)

These early stage loans are a unique CSH offering. PILs encourage developers to get projects off the ground with flexible terms that may include 0% interest for the first 24 months. PILs are typically up to $50,000 and are sized to move your project through the feasibility stage of the development process.

Acquisition Loans

If you need financing for real estate acquisition in connection with the development of supportive housing, CSH can help. Whether combined with a predevelopment loan or on its own, acquisition loans offer the same great rates and flexibility of all our financial products. Securing project financing can take multiple years and an acquisition loan can help you acquire land and hold it during this financing phase.

Predevelopment Loans

Once you have a project concept and schedule in place, have identified a site and you are ready to start working on the predevelopment,  CSH offers funding for these up-front costs. CSH predevelopment loans are priced with a competitive interest rate, and are  flexibly structured to meet your project’s financing needs. Unlike many CDFIs, CSH will consider loan amounts of over 100% of collateral value.

Construction Loans

In some circumstances, CSH offers loans for construction or rehabilitation for projects.  CSH can also partner with other construction lenders on a single transaction.

Mini-permanent Loans

For projects that have completed construction, CSH offers amortizing loans typically structured with terms of  five to seven years.

Bridge Loans

Sometimes funding sources can be delayed beyond a length of time that a supportive housing provider can sustain on their own.  CSH offers loans to bridge delays in funding related to the capital development or services provision for a supportive housing development.

Loan products general terms 


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