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Supportive Housing Training Series

The Supportive Housing Training Series currently includes eleven curricula providing best practices and guidance on supportive housing development, operation and services. Each curriculum provides a one-day training for enriching the skills of supportive housing developers and providers.

Who Are These Training Sessions For?

The Supportive Housing Training Series has something for anyone who wants to improve his or her skills in supportive housing development, operation and services. These trainings address a wide array of issues—from housing financing and property management to program development and tenant/staff relationships. The series includes trainings that will introduce new staff to the issues they will encounter in supportive housing, as well as trainings aimed at a more experienced audience.

Who Can Deliver This Training?

This series is designed to be easily accessible to trainers with some experience in the subject material. Each of the units in this series includes a Trainer’s Curriculum with guidance for delivering the workshop, and a set of Participant Materials with activities, discussion questions and additional resources. All of these materials can be downloaded at no charge from this site. For more information about the Supportive Housing Training Series, contact us at info@csh.org


Training Modules

Supportive Housing Development and Management

  • Introduction to Supportive Housing Development 
    This training helps participants understand the supportive housing development process and develop their skills in planning, analyzing, projecting and implementing the funding for supportive housing projects.
    Trainer's Guide | Participant Packet | Powerpoint Slides | Resource Materials
  • Financial Management and HUD Compliance
    An overview of the key principles of financial management for non-profit organizations, with detailed information on budgeting and compliance issues for supportive housing projects.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Coordinating Property Management and Social Services in Supportive Housing
    This training examines the elements of an effective working relationship between property management and supportive services, whether or not they are provided by one or two separate organizations.
    Curriculum and Handouts

Supportive Housing Services and Case Management

  • Developing the Program
    A training program covering all aspects of developing a supportive housing program, including: program goals and philosophy; resident populations and tenancy mixes; services to promote independence and residential stability; tenant involvement in design; staffing patterns; program policies and procedures.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Community Building in and Around Supportive Residences
    An overview designed to show that community building is an integral part of supportive housing services and an important aspect of the success of the residence.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Services for People with Special Needs
    This training helps participants to understand the spectrum of special needs (such as substance use, mental illness or other chronic health conditions) and develop a positive, professional relationship with residents with special needs.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Case Management Services
    An introduction to the clinical skills needed to help tenants with special needs sustain themselves in supportive housing, including building trust, setting goals, motivating tenants, using referral services and documentation.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Crisis and Conflict
    Discussion and exercises to help participants respond to and manage incidents of crisis and conflict in housing, and to establish policies and procedures with a group comprised of building management.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Issues in the First Year
    Strategies for managing the transition to supportive housing, including: understanding the stress individuals face when moving into permanent housing and the impact of the homeless experience on new tenants; defining case management and establishing effective boundaries; developing basic policies, procedures and house rules; and developing a service philosophy and menu.
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Making the Transition to Permanent Housing
    This curriculum is aimed at direct service staff and managers who are helping people with histories of homelessness transition into permanent housing (including scattered site housing and congregate models).
    Curriculum and Handouts
  • Employment Services in Supportive Housing
    This training presents career development services as an integral part of the services offered to tenants. Trainees will explore major considerations in setting up a vocational program, understand a variety of approaches for services and be able to create a culture that promotes work.
    Curriculum and Handouts