CSH Supportive Housing Institute

CSH Supportive Housing Institute

CSH’s premiere workshop experience, the Institute offers 10 days of practical steps toward a supportive housing project for your target population and community. Teams will leave the Institute with a detailed development and management plan for the project, designed to successfully access funding.

Included in the over 80 hours of training and individualized technical assistance are:

  • Project Vision and Concept Development
  • Services in Supportive Housing
  • Building Community Support
  • Building Design
  • Budgeting and Property Management
  • Tenant Leadership

What Benefits Does the Institute Provide?

The Institute can significantly reduce the time it takes to fund a project by helping build a strong development team equipped to navigate the complex process of developing housing with support services. Teams will walk away with a:

  • Deeper understanding of how to develop new supportive housing projects
  • Competitive edge among supportive housing providers
  • Powerful network of peers and experts
  • Strong, effective development team that leverages the strengths of each team member

Who Should Attend?

The Institute is a team-oriented program best for groups in the beginning phases of a project. That makes it perfect for nonprofit or for-profit housing developers, service providers and public housing authorities. It’s also a great way for State Housing Development Authorities or State Departments of Mental Health to jump start their projects.

"If it weren’t for the Institute, we’d still be sitting around the dining room table complaining about the lack of supportive housing and hoping someone would do something about it. Well, now we’re the ones doing something about it!"

 –Hugh Brady, Co-President of the North/Northwest Suburban Task Force on Supportive Housing for Individuals with Mental Illness


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