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About the subgrant: Feasibility assessment for a Pay for Success structure to supportive housing focused on residents of health care institutions who prefer to live in the community.

The State of New Mexico will be part of a cohort of state governments all interested in the use of the Pay for Success model to provide persons residing in institutional settings with the opportunity to transition to community-based supportive housing. Specifically, this project will target residents of health care institutions who prefer to live in the community and people who are at-risk of institutionalization.

Further, members of the target population will be adults with diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders of sufficient duration to meet diagnostic criteria for Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and whose eligible diagnosis has resulted in functional impairment which substantially interferes with, or limits, one or more major life activities. The project will target the counties of Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and San Miguel.

CSH and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) SIB Lab will collaborate to provide a joint cohort-based model of technical assistance. Subgrantees will receive government-focused expertise on SIB development, evaluation design, and SIB procurement from the HKS SIB Lab and issue-specific expertise from CSH and its partners, the Center for Health Care Strategies and Third Sector Capital Partners, including expertise in the areas of Medicaid funding of institutional and community-based services and the creation and operation of high quality supportive housing including the design of service models best suited to meet the needs of the identified target population.

CSH’s Role: In addition to providing technical assistance, CSH is providing the State of New Mexico Human Services Department with a $15,000 subgrant.

“We often place our concerns in the context of New Mexico’s competitiveness as a rural state and grapple with the implications of low population density across a large geographic area. Despite substantive efforts to improve access to safe, affordable housing alternatives to institutional placements, it is evident that quality housing options are still extremely limited for individuals being discharged from the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute and elsewhere across the State. Rather than be immobilized by the challenges of financing health interventions and prevention work, we are optimistic that it is possible to bring together the players, reveal the many points of agreement, translate these into an overall strategy, and win support for instituting the policies and organizational adjustments to enable real change. Technical assistance on the Pay for Success model will help provide actionable guidance on how to develop and implement a new strategy and highlight the potential of this policy framework to address the specific circumstances of rural areas.” - Brent Earnest, Secretary- Designate of the New Mexico Human Services Department.



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