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About the subgrant: Feasibility assessment for a Pay for Success structure to create supportive housing focused on super utilizers of health or other crisis resources.

CSH and its partners, the Center for Health Care Strategies and Third Sector Capital Partners, will work with the San Diego Housing Commission to assess the feasibility of a Pay For Success initiative focused on creating supportive housing for vulnerable populations. Specifically, this project will target chronically homeless individuals with multiple emergency room and hospital admissions and a combination of identified high risk conditions.

Among other technical assistance, CSH will work with the San Diego Housing Commission and its public and private partners in San Diego to outline a plan for training and mentoring community-based partners in order to ensure success in the Pay For Success initiative. This project will target the city of San Diego.

San Diego Housing Commission is one of 39 Public Housing Agencies with a Moving to Work designation within the United States. Due in part to the flexibility afforded through this designation, in addition to traditional tenant-based vouchers, the Commission partners with numerous local non-profit partners and landlords to San Diego Housing Commission provide rental subsidies through the use of sponsor-based and project-based rental vouchers.

“The Pay for Success initiative holds tremendous promise for the San Diego Housing Commission as we build upon partnerships that have focused on chronically homeless individuals and the costly demands they place on public services. We have already achieved great success from supportive housing programs that follow the Housing First model –combining permanent, stable housing with intensive supportive services. We look forward to creating additional partnerships, leveraging public and private investments and using housing as a means to save public costs, improve health outcomes and reduce homelessness”. - Richard C. Gentry, President & CEO of the San Diego Housing Commission.




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