Chicago adopted a Coordinated Entry System (CES) to create an accessible, efficient path to housing for households facing homelessness. This will involve phasing in populations to the CES beginning with youth in April, followed by single adults in May and families in July and August of 2017.

Chicago's Community Vision

Chicago’s vision for coordinated entry is a community response to ending homelessness that accounts for the diversity of needs of people experiencing homelessness, urgently responds to these needs with permanent housing solutions, and successfully incorporates the housing, healthcare, and employment systems. This community response will ensure an accessible and navigable set of entry points; a universal assessment for all person requesting assistance; and effective and appropriate connections to housing and services for all populations. Chicago’s CES will include a data driven approach to ensure that the system is able to measure and respond to current needs with a transparent framework of sharing progress.

Key components of coordinating entry include:

  • Using the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), administered by All Chicago, as the foundation of our communication and tool to track progress and gaps;
  • Adopting a Standardized Housing Assessment utilized by Catholic Charities to match households to appropriate interventions based on community priorities and funder required eligibility criteria;
  • Coordination between outreach and housing providers to successfully house people, as conducted by The Center for Housing and Health;
  • And facilitating a network of providers inside of and outside of the Continuum of Care to create opportunities to generate resources, fill gaps, and align our shared collective impact to end homelessness in Chicago, with CSH as the lead of this team effort.

Lead entities include the following organizations:

  • CSH serves as the lead entity and project manager and can be reached at
  • All Chicago serves as the administrator of the Homeless Management Information System, the platform for Coordinated Entry and can be reached at
  • Catholic Charities matches applicants to housing providers through HMIS and also provides diversion supports for youth and can be reached at ChicagoCES
  • The Center for Housing and Health coordinated outreach including existing outreach teams along with Housing System Navigators to link outreach and housing providers and can be reached at

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